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Odd Socks Music Video

Odd Socks from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo.

Our latest music video is Odd Socks by Dean Jones, our local Grammy-Award-winning producer and a member of the kids’ rock band, Dog on Fleas. This was an experiment I proposed to Dean, to let us use one of his songs as a project for Saturday Arts Lab at SUNY New Paltz, a community arts program offered by their Art Education department and where Flick Book Studio offered two classes. As we state in our mission, we use stop-motion animation as a way to build connections. Music video is a perfect way for kids to get a taste of having their works and names appear in an “official” context,  and for musicians to gain more exposure through the network of participating kids and parents. Enjoy!

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Our First Music Video!

We have our first music video, Sugar. It was commissioned by the groovy pop/rock band, Spiral Up Kids. It is composed of animation clips made by 7 artists—Damon Wolf, Gideon Schwartz, Dante Hutchison, Hayes Terzia, Suika Sono-Knowles, Diggy Lessard, and Harrison O’Clair, ages 10 to 12 (at the time of production).

Some of the clips were made during an after-school program at Woodstock Day School two years ago, but many scenes, like the Lego band and most of the claymation, were conceived and created by Damon and Gideon, the creators behind our most popular video, Star Wars: the Brick Wars. We had an intensive marathon of two full days to make the clips, tuition for which was covered by the commission. It was Damon and Gideon’s first paid job as artists!

This project caught an eye of an independent record label based in Seattle. I cannot disclose their name yet, but we may get more commission for music videos. It will be an exciting way to provide scholarships, or for young artists to get paid for their creation. Stay tuned.

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Here is the first installment of our pixilation clips. This was a very productive week and we have many more clips to add sound to, and will be posting them as we finish them.

This one is by Ethan Siegel. It’s a great example of how you can use the simplest of objects to make a clip full of expression and humor. How can popsicle sticks, toothpicks and a couple of glass stones be so cute?

Goldfish Pixilation by ZEPHyR and Lion. LOVE the cheerio bubbles. The blinking of light before the explosion is a nice touch, too.