Summer !

Our summer is packed with animation! In July, we are offering two mini camps, for students between age 12 and 21. They are intended for those who want to learn semi-professional level techniques, using Dragonframe Stop-motion, Final Cut Pro, and a Canon DSLR. In Session One, we will be recreating a scene from the Lord of the Rings with Lego. In Session Two, we will interpret Here It Goes Again, a music video by OK Go, in a variety of materials. Both classes will require patience and attention to details, but the resulting clips will be worth the effort. Each class is limited to four students, but if there are more people interested, we will add additional sessions towards the end of August.

We will also be leading a video-making workshop at Teen Arts Lab in Kingston Public Library. We will combine live action video with stop-motion animation, creating a unique movie of a genre and style of our choice. The good news is, tuition is free! (There is a $20 registration fee.)

In August, a weekend intensive will be offered for advanced teens, college students, and adult artists. In the two-day workshop, participants will learn the basics of stop-motion animation using the same semi-professional set-up as in the July camps described above. This workshop is perfect for those who are interested in the field of digital arts as their possible career path. Stop-motion animation will add a handmade and personal quality to computer animation and live action video, expanding the artist’s repertoire. The two-day intensive is followed by a one-day workshop on postproduction, to complete the production process.

Our One Day Intensive will also take place whenever there are more than three people interested in taking this workshop, in which they will learn everything they need to set up an animation station at home.

Summer is a great time to have fun while learning new skills. Drop us a line!


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