For Artists Under 16

Our studio focuses on the long-term development of artistic and creative potential, while providing immediate enjoyment of learning new and exciting skills. Our program works somewhat like music lessons: after learning basic skills, students work on longer projects, either individually or in small groups; then, every two or three months, they participate in public screenings of their creations, much like recitals for music students. They are also encouraged to enter film and animation festivals around the world, and are guided through the process.

All students are required to take an introductory course, unless they demonstrate significant understanding of the methods. After that, they have a choice of taking an intermediate course or individually-scheduled, project-based lessons. As they advance in their progress, they are permitted to work on their own.

For those who would like to test it out before committing to the introductory course, we offer one-hour trial sessions.

Although stop-motion animation is a lot of fun when first tried, the magic wears off quickly if it is not connected to a deeper sense of accomplishment. Our program aims to bridge between the initial excitement and a long-term, disciplined approach to completing finished projects.

Children, even from early age, thrive in sharing their accomplishment with the world and receiving recognition. Our studio encourages this on three levels. First, they share their finished clips with family via flash drives; second, they share their clips through our Vimeo site and Facebook; finally, they present their works on a large screen for an audience. This helps students to set a goal and view their creation as a way to express themselves and communicate with the world.


For Adult Artists

Stop-motion animation is a wonderfully versatile medium. It can be a visual work of art, a vehicle for compelling story-telling, or an effective tool for getting a message across or explaining things. For artists who have spent many years perfecting traditional skills such as watercolor, charcoal drawing, or sculpture, stop-motion animation is an exciting way to see their skills in a new light and open the door to a new audience.

New! Fun rotoscope workshops for painters and sculptors

For those who want to be able to make animation on their own, either in our studio or at home, One Day Technical Intensive is a good start. In this one-day workshop, all of the technical and hardware aspects are covered, including editing and sound. For those who are more interested in the stop-motion techniques, One Day Animation Intensive is available. After taking one or both of the intensives, they can jump right into using the studio on their own, or take a few sessions of Project-based Individual Lessons, where the artists set the goal and the studio staff provides guidance and assistance for the completion of the project.