Intermediate Animation


This course is intended for students who completed Introduction to Stop-motion Animation, but it is not a requirement. The 4-week-course covers four basic technical aspects of traditional stop-motion animation. The classes are not as spontaneous and freely structured as the introductory course, and requires patience. This course is not suitable for very young students.

Week 1: Rotoscoping for Lip-synching

Rotoscoping is a technique where you load a pre-recorded video of someone talking or in motion, and animate to imitate the movement. That’s how Disney achieved the natural movement in their early animation. The sample below is done in clay, but in this course, we use a photo of a face and a set of cut-out mouths, and make him sing to a song.

Week 2: Walking and Running from The Human Figure in Motion by Muybridge

In this session, we use the classic photo book of Eadweard Muybridge, and make hand-drawn animation of figures walking and running. This section will be taught by David Goldin.

Week 3: Green Screen

This session explores the fun possibilities of green screen. Objects are recorded in front of a green screen, then edited into a different background.

Week 4: Rack Focus—Using Depth of Focus Field and Lighting to Tell a Story

In this session, we use Lego and a DSLR (still camera) to play with different focal points to tell a story. This is the technique used when the focus shifts from one close-up face, or object, to another, at a distance. It is used often in a duel scene, for instance. In addition, we’ll try different positions of lighting to create different moods.

Schedule is flexible. Contact us to register.

Tuition: $160 for 4 sessions (2 hours)