A woman in a knitted hat sitting against a large boulderKeiko Sono, Owner and Instructor

Keiko believes in art as our evolutionary trait that has been helping us survive and thrive as a species. She is hopeful that our artistic senses will guide us in navigating through the rapid and drastic changes as we shift towards abundance-based society.

A life-long artist, Keiko uses visual media, video, blogs, and social media, to create public art events and projects. You can find out more about her activities in her website.



David Goldin, Instructor

Left-handed artist, accordion enthusiast, international junk collector, magazine brat. A student of  Chris VanAllsburg,
a graduate of R.I.S.D. Goldin went to work for R.O. Blechman at the Ink Tank. At the same time working for Steven Heller
at the New York Times Review of Books. Learning from the best.



XiaoxiaoSoupXiaoxiao Tang, Intern

Xiaoxiao (Soup) Tang is an animator who was born in Beijing, China in 1989. She receives her MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2014. Soup has worked as an animator on stop-motion, character animation and motion graphics in both China and the US. Her projects include: Pea town, Fuwa Talking and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games for KAKU TV Station in China, as well as a stop-motion animator at Flick Book Studio in New York. Soup specializes in stop-motion animation and is particularly interested in its ability to allow a deeper expression based on its direct physical foundation.