Our classes are small and flexible. Students begin on a rolling basis as long as there are two or three per group.

The techniques and materials used in stop-motion animation are endless. Students choose what they like to use and create their own stories, or follow more structured projects if they prefer.

Young and beginning students begin with simple projects with Lego, clay, pixilation, or pen and paper drawing animations, using Hue animation webcam and software kit. Students are welcome to bring their favorite toys or objects to use and encouraged to create their own stories. As they advance in their skills and ideas, many choose to work on long, sophisticated projects involving puppet-making, set-building, and complex editing.


The fee structure is simple, with two prices for two hour sessions.

  • One-on-one: $55 per session
  • Two students in a group: $45 each student per session
  • Three students in a group: $40 each student per session

For clay and puppet animation, there is a one-time material fee of $15 and $25, respectively.