Our studio has been in operation since 2011. We started with a standard definition video camera and a handmade wooden stand. Three years later we upgraded to a DSLR and Dragonframe, a professional level software, and we never looked back.

Shelob Attacks! (2014)

Shelob the Giant Spider from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. Our 2014 summer series of mini camps kicked off with the Lego LOTR project, Shelob Attacks! In four six-hour sessions, students (age 10–12) made a lego version of a scene from the Lord of the Rings where Frodo gets attacked by a giant spider, Shelob.… Continue reading Shelob Attacks! (2014)

A Million Ways (2016)

A Million Ways (to be Snazzy) from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. A Million Ways (to be Snazzy) is a remake of OK Go’s early hit video A Million Ways in frame-by-frame animation. It is a collaborative project created by kids 11 to 18 of age. Originally a summer camp program, it turned into a… Continue reading A Million Ways (2016)

Seedy Shorts Trailer (2014)

 Hudson Valley Seed Library Seedy Shorts Contest Trailer from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. A seed animation conceptualized by Ken Greene, the founder of Hudson Valley Seed Library, produced as a PR video for a short animation film contest, which was featured at their Philadelphia Flower Show in 2014.

The First Year (2011–12)

First Year Short Selection from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This is a selection of animation shorts made during our first year. It showcases a variety of animation techniques, including whiteboard, sand, Lego, watercolor, clay, pipe cleaner, tissue paper, and pixilation. Possibilities are endless!

A Horse and His Man (2012)

A Horse and His Man from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This is one of the earliest videos made in our studio, but still one of our favorites. It was made only with tissue and construction paper, pipe cleaners, and a toothpick. It shows how imagination turns the simplest of things into an epic with… Continue reading A Horse and His Man (2012)

The Music Box (2016)

The Music Box from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This is an animation based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Tillie Stern (15). She created the puppet, the set, and all the props herself. It took her 24 sessions to complete this video from storyboarding to editing.

Brian Lynch (2016)

Brian Lynch from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This was conceived and created by Saugertie-based artist Brian Lynch. He has shown his poetic portraits and street scenes throughout our area. He created this animation by making more than a hundred ink drawings. It is a lyrical amalgamation of his hands-on drawing and digital expression. This… Continue reading Brian Lynch (2016)

Macondo Blowout (2013)

Macondo Blowout from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This is a video conceptualized and directed by eco-artist Christy Rupp. She became one of the pioneering artists of this field in the 70s with her rat series. She was deeply affected by the PB gulf oil spill, and decided to make an animation about it. It… Continue reading Macondo Blowout (2013)

Odd Socks (2014)

 Odd Socks from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. This is a music video created by students of Saturday Arts Lab, a community art program offered by the art education department at SUNY New Paltz. The song is written by Dean Jones, our local Grammy-Award-winning producer and a member of the kids’ rock band, Dog… Continue reading Odd Socks (2014)

Meat Me in Woodstock (2013)

Meat Me In Woodstock from Flick Book Studio on Vimeo. A divergence from stop-motion animation, this live-action video was our experiment to use video-making as community building. In this project, we asked Kevin Christofora, then owner of Woodstock Meats and Deli to let us make their promotional video. Kevin is a quintessential community guy. He… Continue reading Meat Me in Woodstock (2013)