Take Two: remaking classic movie scenes

This is a series of one-day workshops in which we remake classic movie scenes. It’s an equivalent of art students copying old masters’ art works! Each scene we pick provides a different focus on techniques. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, for example, is a great piece for using close-ups and practicing editing. We may use clay, paper cut-outs, pixilation, or a combination of various media. Some scenes in the planning: the shower scene in Psycho, the Oceana dance scene in Chaplin’s Gold Rush, maybe the horse’s head in God Father, “You’re talking to me?” in Taxi Driver, “Stellaaahh!” in Street Car Named Desire…we’ll probably throw in Kurosawa, Fellini, maybe Godard in the mix as well. We’ll be offering these workshops on a regular basis. By all means, send a request!

Upcoming workshops in this series: Street Car Named Desire

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