What We Do

Flick Book Studio is an open-studio where artists of all ages collaborate and network, while making and learning stop-motion animation. Our studio encourages artists to do what they do best: to be curious, to delight in senses, to have fun, to care, and share.

Stop-motion animation is becoming ever popular. With the increasing availability of apps and tools, it’s easier than ever to experiment in this once a daunting craft of movie-making. Stop-motion animation is also now widely used in commercial application. We think it’s wonderful, but in the process, somehow, the magic and charm of the old-world stop-motion animation gives way to slick and formulaic outcomes.

In our studio, we keep our focus on the magic: magic of the delightful laughter in the moment of the first play back; magic of making inanimate objects come alive; magic of creating an entire universe on a tabletop; magic of working together with friends and other artists.

We also value stop-motion animation as a perfect tool to bring people together. There are so many different elements that make up stop-motion animation—story-telling, drawing, sculpting, building, music-making, digital editing—yet, artists who specialize in those crafts normally don’t make animation as their repertoire. It is a great way for non-digital artists to make their art come alive, and for digital artists to add handmade quality to their work, all the while connecting with each other. The resulting clips are often fresh, quirky, and light.

We offer classes, in our studio and through other schools and organizations, and produce animation for musicians, writers, artists, small businesses, and anyone who is looking for a sweet and creative way to appeal to the public. We work with local artists and musicians to share the skills, resources, and benefit. For more information, drop us a line!




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